11:30 – 1:30 Monday through Friday.
Usually a volunteer will choose one day a week, or allow us to call them on a substitute basis.
  1. Wash hands and report for duty.
  2. Serve lunch in a timely, pleasant manner.
  3. Clean up, seeing that all dirty dishes are scraped and given to the dishwasher, all dirty silverware is placed in the appropriate basin, used paper goods are put in the trash, food items returned to the kitchen as directed and tables are washed.
  1. Distribute bread, butter, creamers, water pitchers, etc., as directed by kitchen staff.
  2. Make coffee and serve coffee to seated guests
  3. Serve beverages and salads
  4. Pick up salad dishes and bring them to dishwasher’s window. Scrape as needed
  5. Deliver main course plates to the tables. The wait staff for the day should decide in what order tables would be served.
  6. When people are finished eating, pick up dirty dishes and bring them to the dishwasher’s window. Scrape as necessary serve dessert.
  7. When people are finished with dessert, all dirty dishes, cups, silverware, paper goods and food items should be removed from the tables. Tables should be wiped down.